Who We Are

The Pleasure of the Countryside
The Country House Santa Maria Maddalena borns from the Agricultural Fund Roveri Santa Maria Maddalena by the Roveri family since 1873, located in Bagnarola Budrio, in the fertile countryside south of Bologna; The location is characterized by various water channels and by the trees grouped in a rows like poplars, oaks, mulberries, elms, sycamores. Even today is the greatest example of existing  roman "centuriata"territorial structure, where you can observe the typical subdivision of feudal land .The heyday came in the eighteenth century when the beautiful villas of lavish cohorts of Bentivoglio-Odorici, Malvezzi and Ranuzzi Cospi welcomed the top of the nobility of Bologna and Europe, organizing parties in the halls, in parks or under-garden large balconies; Next to the villas, were built also old farmhouses from the sloping roof with large barns which are repeated in a rectangular shape with tall pillars.
Among the ancient country house was built also the fund Santa Maria Maddalena, that still remained intact as farmyard historic in its original conformation, with the majestic barn, the house, the box and the old oven.
Since 1923 the Roveri family has recovered and maintained the architectural heritage of the Fund and with various interventions of  an intelligent building restoration (in some ways not finished yet) it has returned to the ancient majesty and beauty. The Fund  is today "Country House Santa Maria Maddalena" which may offer a first-class hotel accommodation, all within a large garden of 15000 square meters.
The farmhouse is located in one of the buildings of the Fund recently restored to offer hospitality for a comfortable stay. 12 rooms with large bathroom, all equipped with mini-bar, satellite TV, WI-FII 24H, hairdryer, air conditioning wand with customizable opening system with transponder cards to give the possibility to access to the room 24 hours a day.
All the rooms of the ground floor have a small private patio with table, chairs and umbrella.
It’s available for all the guests a large private parking The room cleaning is meticulous , starting from the use of specific "environmentally friendly" cleaning products and with the use of natural fabrics like cotton or linen sheets.  Breakfast buffet is particularly rich, you can taste the jams and juices made from berries grown organically from our farm in the orchard that surrounds the structure; as well as cakes and any other preparations obtained by working of our raw materials.You can taste as well our homemade "salty" specialty like quiches and typical cheese, eggs and "salumi" buffet with Mortadella Bologna, Prosciutto and Salame.

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